Members of Trivial are to abide by the rules set forth in this document. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary actions including warnings, demotions, suspensions, or banishment from the guild.

Trivial is a relaxed raiding guild. To support that notion, the following principles should be upheld by all guild members:

  • Be courteous to all players, regardless of if they are fellow guild members, allies, or enemies. Insulting other players reflects poorly on the guild and will not be tolerated.
  • All guild members are expected to act maturely. Be cautious with your salty language. Occasional swearing is still likely to occur in guild, group and voice chat.
  • Guild members are to represent the guild in a positive way. Any kind of trolling, botting, using power leveling services, or buying gold will result in guild banishment.
  • Keep trading in /g to a minimum. It is better to donate to the guild bank or sell on the auction house. Players without authenticators will have very limited access to the guild bank.

Beyond that, there aren’t many rules in place for our members, though we do have some additional regulation governing the raid team. First, it might be good to know what ranks there are. The guild is divided in to three groups:

  1. Officers (general officers, raid leaders)
  2. Raiders (raiders, probation members)
  3. Socials (regular members, PvP’ers, etc)

Officers run the show, but gain no special benefits besides the joy of maintaining order. Raiders are the people in the raid team (but not the only people allowed to raid). Compared to socials, raiders have some additional demands (and benefits) placed on them, which are detailed below. Socials can raid and we aim to run social raids targeted at this group, as well as do PvP and whatever else they may fancy, but they are not considered “Raiders” as it is defined in these rules. See the forums for specific social raiding rules and information (changes depending on current levels of interest as well as changes in content structure, like the addition of flex raiding).

Raid and rank rules

The point of a raid is not to highlight the individual greatness of a single player, nor is it to get any particular member the loot they desire, or achieve world first kills for that matter. We raid to have a good time and to challenge ourselves with content that we find somewhat difficult. That means we might wipe, but we expect to learn from it. The following are the rules that apply to the raids arranged by the guild as well as requirements for the Raider rank:

  • Applicants will be taken into the guild on Probation rank. On this rank, you will have to attend at least two runs (while signing for at least six) over a period of three weeks in order to be accepted into “Raider” rank. People who apply as Social members don’t have to attend any raids unless they desire to do so, and Raiders will have priority for the spots.
  • Promotions will be given when the raid leaders feel the requirements have been met, and repeated misconduct, poor play or inactivity will result in demotion.
  • Attend or be available for the majority of raids being scheduled (two or more per week, or 75% over a longer period).

Attending a raid

  • Raid end times can vary depending on the raid’s progress and enthusiasm. Generally, raids begin at 20:00 server time and end around 23:00, with invites going out after 19:50. 
  • If you can’t make it to a raid that you are confirmed for, please to notify a raid leader before the raid is set to start. Emergencies can make this impossible, but repeated unannounced absence will lead to a demotion.
  • If you intend on going AFK at any time during a raid, announce it well in advance so the RL can schedule a break for the whole group (the raid will take a break before the closest upcoming boss at around 22:00).
  • If you are ranked as Raider or on Probation, you have priority to progress raids. If needed or desired, we can add Social members to raids, but the goal is to have a full group of Raiders.
  • Be at the right location when the raid begins.
  • Know your class and it’s abilities well, and use them to help the raid.
  • Perform to the standard of the rest of the group. 
  • Come repaired, bring pots, flasks, reagents etc. Crafting these during the raid means you are late!

Raid preparation and conduct

  • Read up on tactics in advance, including studying videos and dungeon journal entries. This means all current tier encounters, and relevant Mythic versions. There is almost always relevant material to study on our forums.
  • It is very important that we gain as much gear as possible to help defeat harder bosses, and so every raider needs to have extra loot tokens available, and needs to keep acquiring them every week.
  • When farming, we rotate raiders to maximize potential loot. Raiders need to know where their extra loot tokens will do the most good, and which bosses they have the most to gain from killing. It is the job of raiders to inform the RL which bosses they would like to be rotated in for during farm.
  • Add-ons are left mostly to personal preference, but some type of raid timer add-on (DBM or BigWigs) is required. Angry Assignments is mandatory for progress raids.
  • Don’t announce stats from Skada or similar addons to the raid, or in the guild chat, unless important information arises from it. For example: after a wipe, we don’t care about your mad deeps, but it may be relevant to see who didn’t do enough damage to the right target.
  • Listen to the RL’s in raids and do as they ask.
  • If you think the tactic being employed by the raid as a whole or a single raid member is wrong, please bring it up. However, complaints about individual performances should always go to the RL in whispers.
  • All complaints, suggestions etc. that are not directly linked to the encounter at hand should be discussed after the raid, as to not slow things down.

For loot distribution we use the EPGP system with a loot council, see the forums for loot rules.

These rules are always subject to change and it’s up to all members to make sure you stay updated. Announces of changes will be made in-game as well as on the forums.


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