Raid team

Trivial runs a dedicated raid team to tackle heroic and mythic content, while also doing social stuff in a larger group. This page details the members of the main raid team. The social raids are meant to be high quality and fun, but they are separate and don’t have the same requirements on performance and availability as the heroic raid team. You can click each players name to be taken to their armory page.

Tanks (2) Melee (7) Ranged (16) Healers (6)
warriorAck paladinAsurya druidAfari mageAmaterazu druidAdriah
monkRaikuri shamanHinmor mageChanyi shamanCournot priestAxesmasher
warriorTelk warlockElandril hunterErisses monkAztrex
rogueTricksie shamanFeroxxy hunterJojje shamanShamikix
warriorTtrhallsgf priestNapakymppi druidNyferia shamanTrîggira
warriorUthan druidQumina mageSeaperz druidYué
rogueViiennaa warlockShayne hunterSotamies
hunterThoradim mageZamrock

Learn more

Trivial goes back all the way to 2009. Learn more about the guild by reading the history recap and find out how we run things day-to-day.

Apply to the team

We are always looking for great players of any class. Check the front page for up to date information, and apply for the raid team by filling out the application.

Guild rules

We’re not run solely by them, but they are there for a reason! Before you apply, please read the rules, for everyone’s sake.