Fire up the Siege engines!

It’s time to go after Hellscream himself, and wipe Orgrimmar clean! Trivial will be raiding Siege of Orgrimmar from launch until we have cleared everything (or have died trying at least). Currently we are not looking for anything specific for our raid team, but please get in touch if you have any questions or feel that you are an exceptional player that could offer us something we don’t have right now!

Halls of Orgrimmar

We will continue to host social content when we can, and look forward to Flex raiding with a wide group of players, hopefully not just from inside the guild but from all over Quel’Thalas. We’re also anxious to see which realms become connected to ours and we want to say hello to all the new people we haven’t played with or seen around before. Have fun, we know we will!

Bonus stuff: Trivial just celebrated its 4th birthday as a guild! Yay!