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Heroic Highmaul

Heroic Highmaul cheese

It’s been a while since we posted anything to the news feed, but the guild is still very much alive and kicking! After a few weeks running normal and then heroic Highmaul, we’ve cleared things out and started to add more raiders to build towards a Mythic raid team! Currently we are looking for another healer and ranged damage dealers, so talk to an officer or raider or just apply straight away on the forums!

The social raid team is also rebuilding and very much looking for fresh blood. Talk to Futile in-game or head to the forums and toss your hat in to the ring there!

Heroic Highmaul

Social team recruiting

Trivial’s social raid team is looking to add many new players to its lineup! The team is looking to add any flavor of Death Knight and Warrior DPS, plus a Rogue and Enhancement Shaman. A few ranged DPS are also needed, mainly of the following specs and classes: Balance Druid, any Mage, Shadow Priest. On the healer end of things a Discipline Priest, a Holy Paladin, or a Mistweaver Monk would be welcome.

That which has no life...

Talk to Raikeimi in-game for more details, or contact any of the other officers (Ack, Kafhealya, KhalĂ­, Linhera, or Uthan).

Throne of Thunder heroic progress

We’ve had a few weeks to go after the heroic modes in Throne of Thunder now, and we’re starting to get up to speed. We just killed Ji-Kun on heroic, putting us at 2/13. We’re aiming to go for Horridon and Tortos next, so hopefully we can reach 4/13 in the near future.

Alt. Ji-Kun killshot

The raid team is currently looking for a skilled healer that is ready or close to ready for the early heroic modes. We are accepting any spec and class, as long as the player quality is high. Read more and apply here.

The social raid team is also doing great and has started raiding Throne of Thunder on normal difficulty.

Also, this…

We did it! We had been wracking our brains about how to deal with all the mechanics for months, and we finally nailed it after thousands of wipes.

Darkmoon Rabbit