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Hans & Franz Mythic

Skärmklipp 2015-04-13 01.45.26

Another one down! This one took some time as we practiced the fight and had several wipes on low percentages. We are still interested in a few ranged damage dealers, so get in touch if you are looking for a change of scenery from where you are currently killing your bosses.


Mythic Foundry progress


We are now 2/10 Mythic and things are looking quite good!  Darmac was killed first, and the week after we downed Oregorger with relatively little trouble. There are videos up on the video page to check out of both the kills.

Currently we are looking for a few good ranged damage dealers to add to the team. Preferably, Boomkins, Mages, Elemental Shamans or Warlocks, in that descending order. Boomkins are required to use the Flap glyph to maximize cuteness – bonus points for a Pepe combo. Apply here!