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Twin Consorts heroic

Screen Shot 2013-07-21 at 22.15.11

The buggiest fight for us yet. Much fun dealing with no comets, untouchable spirits, and broken timers was had. We are now 7/13 and will continue pushing for a few more heroic kills in a couple of weeks. Currently we are looking for a warlock and any other exceptional damage dealers out there. Apply or talk to Kafhealya or Ack if you are interested.

Primordius heroic

We managed to kill a new heroic! After a few weeks of regular farm with a lot of holiday activity all over the place, we banded together and killed Primordius. It was a pretty fun fight for most players, and once the raid got in to the rhythm of refreshing mutations things went well.

Screen Shot 2013-07-11 at 23.40.09

The raid team is currently looking to add a second warlock, since they are very strong at the moment both in terms of output and utility. Contact Kafhealya or Ack to talk more, or just apply right away.

Tortos heroic

Another one down! Tortos heroic really was annoying, though the healers seemed to like it. From a tank’s perspective, it was a nightmare to pick the bats up, but it worked for long enough to get the boss down. We went with three melee who nuked the bats together with the tanks, leaving the shells mostly to the ranged.

Tortos heroic

Iron Qon heroic

The Qon is dead, the Qon is dead! Took a few pulls and we didn’t exactly enjoy running in to a fight that so vastly favors having two melee and a warlock in the raid, but now it’s down.

Iron Qon heroic