Trivial is a raiding guild aimed at experiencing current content with good progress, while maintaining a pleasant atmosphere with everyone having a nice time.

Our core raids take place on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. We may also use Mondays for extra runs if we think it fits the content. Raids start at 20:15 and end at 23:00 server time, with a scheduled break in the middle. The social raid group raids at different times.

Raid team

Read a bit about the current raid team. Details about each player! Who has a nut allergy? Find out!

The forums

Join us on our forums by applying to the guild. If you’re already in the guild, make sure to register and partake in the discussions!


The officers of the guild are Ack, Asurya, Adriah and Raikuri. If you are curious about anything concerning the guild, whether you are already a member or looking to join, talk to one of these people. Deceited and Ttrhallsgf help with running social raids.

Guild Master Raid council Officers
warriorAck paladinAsurya druidAdriah

Recruitment and rules

If you are interested in joining Trivial for raiding, and you feel you have a good idea of what the guild is about, have a look at our application form (to find out what we are recruiting, check our Wowprogress profile for guaranteed up to date information). Applying will take you between 10-15 minutes and will give us the info to judge if you would be a good fit for the raid team or not. If you hate applications on principle, feel free to talk to the officers.

Before you do anything, make sure you’ve read and understood the guild’s rules and regulations. The rules are meant to be exhaustive, to give you an idea of what is expected of raiders and members in the guild. Usually, it quickly becomes apparent if someone hasn’t read the rules, so for your sake and ours, please do.


Trivial was founded in September 2009, as an Alliance guild on Quel’Thalas (EU). The goal was to be a friendly option for people who want to go after the latest bosses soon after launch. When proper heroic content became available, not just forming 25-man raids, clearing that content became the goal of the guild.

Raiding began in Ulduar and has continued onward ever since. During tier 10, the guild also fielded a 25-man roster to clear Icecrown Citadel, but that tradition didn’t carry over to Cataclysm. The guild’s raid history can be explored further on the Wowprogress page.

Wrath of the Lich King

Wrath was the expansion where Trivial got started, and obviously we feel nostalgic about it even to this day. Oh, how great and fun things used to be! Nothing like the good old days. Of course, it was a great expansion with a lot of fun encounters and a great many new systems were also introduced to the game.

The most vivid raiding memory from Wrath of the Lich King is spending five hours on a Saturday to clear General Vezax for the first time on normal, or perhaps that very first Lich King kill that the guild pulled off.

Lich King gets a visitPaying a visit to the top of the Citadel.


The guild geared up quickly and snagged a few character-based realm-first achievements when Cataclysm launched. The initial tier was a lot of fun, and having so many bosses and a raid with a variable progress route meant that we could kill heroic bosses at our own pace. Around the time Firelands came out, things were on a roll and we managed to rack up some decent kills on heroic, however Ragnaros never went down before Dragon Soul launched. Tier 13 itself was a lot of fun, and once we started figuring things out the heroics toppled over in rapid succession. Ideally we would gotten our last kills of the tier a bit earlier, but you can’t have everything.

Overall, we had a lot of great moments during Cataclysm, even though a lot of people disliked the expansion for one reason or another. The fact that Dragon Soul dragged out for so long didn’t help its reputation, that’s for sure.

Deathwing killshotMadness of Deathwing killshot.

Mists of Pandaria

The raid group had a rough start for Mists and didn’t manage to do much more than kill normals and the easiest heroics in the first tier. After some major changes to roster, raid structure and methodology, things started moving along during Throne of Thunder. However, no Lei Shen kill was achieved while the tier was current, meaning Madness of Deathwing remained the only tier end-boss to be defeated on heroic before new content had come out. After Throne, the guild was ranked server 5th and some further improvements to the lineup were made going in to Siege of Orgrimmar, slimming the roster down and requiring higher attendance from each raider to ensure consistency.

GarroshThe ugly mug that eluded us.

During the middle of Siege of Orgrimmar’s lifetime, Trivial grew to become a 25-man heroic guild in preparation for Mythic raiding in Warlords of Draenor. After getting to 13/14 heroic in 25-man, some of the recruited players decided to go back to Horde and Trivial went back to 10-man heroic. After achieving 13/14 there as well, the team ran out of steam and the raid group went in to hiatus.

Warlords of Draenor

A small team of old raiders and willing socials started off the expansion by raiding normal and heroic difficulty. During the first instance, Highmaul, the team grew to get ready for mythic in Blackrock Foundry. While neither Highmaul nor Foundry was fully cleared by the time Hellfire Citadel came out, the team was at least running mythic content with well paced progress, though the instability of the raiding population through the expansion meant that there was a steady stream of new recruits needed all the way through.