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Third week of Throne of Thunder


Our third week of punching lightning once again started off with some quick clearing to get to the interesting parts. While we haven’t been very lucky with drops so far, we’re clearing about half the raid so quickly that we have time to focus on progression.

Durumu proved to be quite random, and we had an annoying 1% wipe on Thursday. However, on Sunday he fell down, along with Primordius. Wrapping up the week, we cleaned up Dark Animus. We’re now on 9/12 and with some more gear, Iron Qon shouldn’t be an issue.

Second week of Throne of Thunder


Another eventful week for Trivial! Both Horridon and Council of Elders were nerfed after we killed them, so going in and getting new kills on them was easy. That led us to our newest opponent, Tortos, who we only had time to say hello to during the last 15 minutes of the previous week.

Tortos turned out to be a relatively easy boss, and we could march on to Megaera. She/it/that thing was a bit more challenging and required about 20 wipes before we got it down. After some hilarious trash, we ended up face to beak with Ji-Kun. She also toppled over, concluding the raid week. All in all, we got a fair number of new bosses down and are looking forward to next week.

First week of Throne of Thunder

Draenei Death Knight in action

We did four raids this week and we managed to clear 3 bosses. We started off by getting Jin’rokh down on Wednesday, Horridon on Thursday, and then Council of the Elders fell later in the week. Things are looking good for next week, where we aim to work our way towards those sweet heroic modes.

Last Stand of the Zandalari achievement

Currently, we are not actively recruiting for our main raid team, but do still apply if you consider yourself to be exceptional. However, we are looking to add more social members, and in particular we are interested in adding a new social raid leader as we intend on stepping up from one social raid per week to two (something we currently don’t have enough staff to lead). We also want to add a tank to our social raid team. Talk to Kafhealya in-game.

Also, this…

We did it! We had been wracking our brains about how to deal with all the mechanics for months, and we finally nailed it after thousands of wipes.

Darkmoon Rabbit